Insight, guidance and advice on making a career as a creative professional.

A podcast about the common threads that tie creative people together. We explore career paths, backgrounds, process and inspiration and the bonds that draw creative people to each other.

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Mike Buzzard
EPISODE 15: Jason Harris - CEO of Mekanism, Author of The Soulful Art of Persuasion

On this episode we sit down with Jason Harris, Co-founder & CEO of Mekanism, one of the top independent advertising agencies in the US. Jason is also the best selling author of -  The Soulful Art of Persuasion - a guide to becoming a master influencer. Over the course of his career, Jason has helped build campaigns for some of the world’s most iconic brands such as: Disney, Adidas, Ben & Jerry’s, as well as The White House under the Obama administration. Jason shares his career journey and provides insight on building an award winning agency, creating viral work, channelling David Bowie, and what it’s like to visit the White House and create meaningful work for social good.



Mike Buzzard
EPISODE 14: Mike Buzzard - Entrepreneur, Design Manager at Google

On this episode we sit down with entrepreneur, agency founder, and Design Manager of UX at Google, Mike Buzzard. Through a sequence of what he humbly refers to as naive bumbling, Mike built a robust network of talented creatives and started his own design agency called Cuban Council. After a 10 year run creating digital products for a myriad of companies, Mike and the Cuban Council design team were acquihired by Google where he carved out his own role and has been steadily influencing the tech giant’s culture shift toward design ever since.

Mondo Cozmo
EPISODE 13: Mondo Cozmo

On this episode of Right Brain Left Field we sit down with the uber-talented, singer songwriter Josh Ostrander AKA Mondo Cozmo. We catch up with Ostrander on the heels of releasing his second full length album- “New Medicine” on Last Gang records, and talk about staying creative during a quarantine, his career journey as musician and we get an intimate look into his process and the inspiration behind the music.

EPISODE 12: Mobley - Musician

On this episode we sit down with multi-faceted recording artist Mobley - A true modern renaissance man who single handedly writes, performs, & produces his own music. He also designs his album art, directs his music videos, and even produces his dynamic, one-man multimedia live shows. In our candid conversation Mobley shares his career journey and explains how his constant desire for learning new things fuels his artist vision.

Rob Young
EPISODE 11: Rob Young - Founder O/M Studio

On this episode of Right Brain Left Field, I sit down with Rob Young - Founder of O/M Studio, a digital product design company that helps their clients create world-class digital products and services.Prior to founding O/M, Rob was a design lead at Google and an art director at Apple, where he had the opportunity to work on a variety of emerging digital products and ultimately hone his skills as UX designer.

Julia Galdo Johnson
EPISODE 10: Julia Johnson - Photographer / JUCO

On this episode we sit down with Julia Johnson, professional photographer, and co-founder of JUCO, an acclaimed photo studio known for its distinctive colorful style of fashion and portraiture photography.
Julia began her career as an Art Director at a San Francisco Ad Agency before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue photography full time and start JUCO with her partner, Cody Cloud. See how her skillset and passion for making images landed them some major ad campaign work as well as iconic portraits of celebrities, music artists and entertainers.

Manny Medina
EPISODE 9: Manny Medina - Musician, Kip Moore Band

On this episode we sit down with Manny Medina, bass player for singer songwriter Kip Moore’s band. As one of the founding members, Manny has been an integral part of the band’s success for 10 years, recording 4 studio albums and touring the world with Kip. We dive deep into Manny’s journey into becoming a professional musician to find out how a Cuban kid from Miami ended up stumbling into a full-time music career in Nashville TN

BOAC Smith
EPISODE 8: BOAC - Musician, UX Designer & RBLF Producer

On this episode I sit down with my producer, Josh Goldstein – also known by many as BOAC, his stage moniker from his days as music performer and producer. Josh’s career journey spans decades, from his early days as a voice actor, to playing an iconic role in a Star Wars production and ultimately as a musician who produced and recorded several albums and toured the United states and Canada as a hip hop artist. 

Meegan Barnes
EPISODE 7: Meegan Barnes - Fine Art Sculptor

On this episode we sit down with Los Angeles based artist and sculptor Meegan Barnes to discuss her eclectic career journey as a graphic designer, illustrator, entrepreneur and ultimately fine art sculptor.  We explore the origins of her art career where she has made a name for herself with her iconic butt sculptures, which straddle the line between art and craft by re-imagining ancient artifacts heavily influenced by modern day pop culture. Meegan dives deep into her process and reflects on her successful 20 year career.

Zach Rogue
EPISODE 6: Zach Rogue - Musician

On this episode we sit down with Zach Rogue the front man for the indie rock band, Rogue Wave. Zach has written, produced, and recorded songs that have been streamed millions of times and has performed around the world. He takes us through his journey from recording his first album after hours in a closed recording studio, to stepping on stage for the first time at the legendary Fillmore in San Francisco. 

Ville Kansanen
EPISODE 5: Ville Kansanen - Fine Art Photographer

On this episode we sit down with Ville Kansanen, Creative Director & Fine Art Photographer originally hailing from Espoo, Finland. Ville recounts his journey as a self-taught artist who has exhibited at museums & galleries around the world and has been featured in many print and online publications. He has garnered several prestigious awards — including Fine Art Photographer of the year from the International Photography Awards. Ville shares his process and the thought process behind his work.

Dom Sillet Buxton
EPISODE 4: Domenique Buxton - VP of Creative at Salesforce

On this episode we sit down with Domenique Sillett Buxton, aka Astro’s mom. After a 15-year career as a freelance designer — Domenique settled into her creative journey at Salesforce where she has leveraged her design talents and affable personality to become VP of Creative for Trailhead at Salesforce.

Adam Warmington
EPISODE 3: Adam Warmington - Filmmaker

On this episode we chat with Adam Warmington, filmmaker and photographer hailing from Bristol England where he cut his teeth editing clips for the BBC before moving to San Francisco where he discovered a talent and passion for surf photography and parlayed that into a successful career as a filmmaker.

DJ Shadow
EPISODE 2: DJ Shadow - Music Producer, DJ

On this episode we sit down  with Josh Davis, aka DJ Shadow. Hear the world renowned music producer & DJ talk about growing up in Davis, CA and forging a career as a critically acclaimed music artist. Shadow provides insights on his process and the importance of strong visual imagery to accompany his music.

Derick Daily
EPISODE 1: Derick Daily - The host, Co-founder Savage Bureau

On this episode producer Josh sits down with the RBLF host and Founder of The Savage Bureau, to learn about his creative journey - from starting a t-shirt company at age 16 to founding and building two successful design agencies from the ground up.

Righ Brain / Left Field

RIght Brain / Left Field is a podcast about making it as a creative professional. Find out what it takes to carve out a successful career as a creative.




Derick Daily is a designer by nature and an entrepreneur at heart. He currently runs the Savage Bureau, a brand and design agency in San Francisco doing award winning work for a myriad of clients. When he's not doing client work or the podcast, he stays busy enjoying his passions - getting outdoors, cooking and spending time with his kids.



Josh spent 25 years as professional recording artist and music producer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Recently Josh's career journey took him in a different direction - and he now works as a UX Designer at an agency in San Francisco. When he's not working or producing the podcast, Josh spends time his time honing his UX & culinary skills.


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